Chronique:Canon Fodder - Terminal Velocity

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This issue of Canon Fodder was originally published within the 11-6-14 edition of the Halo Bulletin, with our preview of Halo: Broken Circle published in the 11-30-14 Halo Bulletin.

Thanks to our partners at Simon & Schuster, we’d like to invite you to take a sneak peek at the opening section of Halo: Broken Circle (out now!). Penned by John Shirley (Watch_Dogs: Dark Clouds, Bioshock: Rapture), the novel explores an untold chapter in the Halo Universe that not only pulls the curtain back on the Sangheili-San ‘Shyuum War and the formation of the Covenant, but also explores the seeds of betrayal that would eventually divide an empire. In this prologue, you’ll meet a cunning and curious San ‘Shyuum named Mken ‘Scre’ah’ben and his bitter but admired rival, Ussa ‘Xellus, a powerful and elusive Sangheili field commander. The consequences of their interactions will be felt for centuries to come, and now you get the chance to see how it all played out, and maybe even offer a new and unique perspective to the events of Halo 2: Anniversary.

Fans of the powerful alien empire will also be particularly pleased with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, especially if they are willing to do a little exploring off the beaten path. One of the more increasingly popular features of the past few Halo games has been the inclusion of Terminals, which have offered players and even deeper look into the fiction surrounding their favorite characters, events, and factions. In Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the Terminals included in Halo 2: Anniversary will focus on the history of the Arbiter. Fans will learn more about not only the contemporary Arbiter, Thel ‘Vadam, but also be rewarded with never-before-seen glimpses into the history of the Arbiter role, and how it’s been employed – and exploited – by Covenant leadership throughout its history.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Halo 2: Anniversary Terminals is how they are presented from three unique perspectives. Whether it’s from the target profiles of Locke’s days as an ONI agent, the growing doubt in a Sangheili warrior as he begins to hear the truth, or the devout adherence to the path from a Covenant scribe, every angle is vital to seeing the entire picture. Of course, it’s one thing to talk about, but it’s entirely another see for yourself, and now that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is upon us, it’s time to go and get to unlocking those Terminals in-game! You'll have the ability to unlock them for viewing in the brand-spanking new Halo Channel. By discovering all Terminals in Halo 2: Anniversary, and you’ll unlock the Prologue Terminal 1, and by discovering all Terminals in the entire Collection (H:CEA, H2:A, H3, and H4), you’ll unlock Prologue Terminal 2. It might just be the perfect cure if you’ve got the Blues. This is a time to rejoice, a moment that all fiction fans should savor. For the Halo 2: Anniversary Terminals can be found, and with them, your path will be clear; your entry into a greater understanding guaranteed. Your next Great Journey is nigh, and nothing – not even the Flood – can stop it…