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This edition of every Halo fan’s favorite fiction feature showcases some of the deep-lore deliciousness arriving with the Anvil’s Legacy content release. From two new maps set on the surface of Sanghelios, to some exciting new armaments to add to your Spartan's arsenal – let's check out the lore we've got in store!

Distant Destinations[modifier]

As we've mentioned previously, both Mercy and Temple are set on the Elite homeworld of Sanghelios. Despite their general shared location, each map showcases a beautiful and distinct flavor of the overall Sangheili aesthetic – from Mercy's gorgeous alien architecture set beneath a blanket of stormy skies, to a once-forgotten warrior temple defiantly standing against the passage of time and the light of three suns.


The architects of this haven wrought miracles of stone and metal to house vesper bells, hushed scriptoriums, and oracular pools. The healing waters spun its heartspring are a boon beyond measure, enriched with nootropic compounds and microscopic sprites that cool tempestuous souls and mend even the most grievous wounds.
Sealed away by the Prophets for two millennia, the temple halls once again ring with songs of victory while Kaidons clad in traditional finery drink herb-laced droughts and consult the records archives before planning their next campaign, as they did in days long before the Covenant.

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Sangheili kaidons and Arbiters once made pilgrimages to this temple to sit in meditation and reflect on duty and the momentous actions they were about to undertake. But that was when the temple was whole, a living tabernacle dedicated to spirits of war and hearthfire.
Now it is a silent mausoleum, abandoned during the Sangheili's service to the San'Shyuum. Warriors have returned to the temple, but only echoes of wisdom are to be found here now.

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There are those that said...[modifier]

For years, Halo fans have fantasized of turning the powerful assault cannon of a downed Mgalekgolo into their own personal tool of destruction. Now for the first time, thanks to Anvil’s Legacy, they can finally do just that in a true-blue official capacity.

Berserker's Claw[modifier]

Spartans are well-versed at sourcing weapons from the remains of their enemies. The Berserker's Claw fires a devastating fuel rod shot after a short charging cycle. This fuel rod will track aerial targets.

Wicked Grasp[modifier]

The Lekgolo that remain in this stolen limb retain a feral vestige of their once-expansive composite mind. The Wicked Grasp fires bursts of tracking plasma shots.

Pistol passion[modifier]

Fans looking for a few more pistol options to add to their favorite loadout will no doubt be stoked to wrap their Mjolnir-clad fingers around these serious new sidearms.

Gunfighter Magnum[modifier]

Lightweight competition pistol carried by Spartan operators who prefer a no-frills backup firearm. Quick draw Magnum with fast-reload magazines. Iron sights only, no Smart-Link module is attached.

Tactical Magnum[modifier]

Whisper-quiet tactical pistol loaded with armor-piercing rounds, tailored for Spartan force reconnaissance missions. Match grade Magnum with integral baffle-free suppressor and 2x full-VISR Smart-Link.

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