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So, this is it huh? The last issue of Canon Fodder to know the emptiness of a world without Halo 5: Guardians. It’s been quite a journey so far, and at the risk of rampant overuse, we are indeed just getting started. There’s still an absolute ton to come over the next few days as we burn bright from the effects of launch-time atmospheric entry, not the least of which is our much-bandied about “Halo 5: Live” event. As we mentioned last week, Halo fiction fans will definitely want to tune in as there will be a huge selection of cool content that you’ll likely find particularly intriguing. Also don’t forget that the game launch will also neatly coincide with the final chapter of Hunt the Truth Season 2. Trust me, you aren’t going to want to miss it. Last week in Canon Fodder, we took an overview look at the upcoming campaign and found out some new info regarding our Sangheili friends (and foes). This week we wanted to take a closer look at the weapons you’ll be wielding throughout Halo 5: Guardians, as well as chat about the brand new ways the Halo Channel and Halo Waypoint will be supporting your Halo 5: Guardians experience. Let’s get started!

Weapons free[modifier]

CF - Locke & Load (H5G-Warzone SPNKr).jpg

Halo 5: Guardians not only brings new tools of destruction into the proverbial fold, it expands on the tried and true favorites. Not to mention that thanks to the sweet new Warzone multiplayer mode, there are some particularly awesome new variants for weapons at your disposal through the REQ system. While these variants are exclusive to Warzone while playing multiplayer, if you look hard enough throughout the campaign, you’re likely to come across a few of these upgraded armaments in the field, adding a slick new twist to certain campaign encounters. Below, we offer a selection of the weapons you’ll find throughout the game as a whole, from trusty baseline models to a few of the more vicious variants. And don't think this is even the whole story. There's still more to come...

H5G REQ Card Recon AR.jpg

Assault Rifle[modifier]

MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System

Reliable and easy to use, the MA5 Individual Combat Weapon System represents the oldest rifle platform currently employed by the UNSC, with more than a dozen variations still in use. Shown here is an upgraded Assault Rifle with Recon Sight and Long Barrel. UNSC Army configuration with quick-acquisition sights for mid-range engagements. Long Barrel increases effective range.

H5G REQ card Longshot BR.jpg

Battle Rifle[modifier]

BR-85N Service Rifle

Initially fielded late in the Covenant War, manufacturing concerns and logistical issues involved with its ammunition meant the BR85 service rifle was not widely adopted until after the conflict ended. Shown here is an advanced Battle Rifle with Longshot Sight and Kinetic Bolts. This particular marksman configuration is preferred by many Requiem veterans. Kinetic Bolts augment knockback and damage against vehicles.

H5G REQ card DMR.jpg


M395B Designated Marksman Rifle

Semi-automatic marksman rifle firing a powerful projectile. Particularly deadly at long range when using precision aiming, Designated Marksman Rifles are intended for use by personnel who can take advantage of smart-linked telescopic sights.

H5G REQ card Magnum.jpg


M6H2 Personal Defense Weapon

The Magnum is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, magazine-fed handgun issued to all branches of the UNSC. This large-caliber sidearm is most effective with precision aiming.

H5G REQ card SMG Projection.jpg


M20 Submachine Gun

The M20 personal defense weapon is issued to vehicle crews, security personnel, and Spartans who expect close-quarters combat. Shown is an upgraded SMG with Projection Sight and Silencer in a SWAT configuration used by UNSC military police and UEG security forces. Silencer reduces visibility on enemy Motion Trackers when firing.

H5G REQ card Krith's Left Hand.jpg

Beam Rifle[modifier]

T-27 Special Application Sniper Rifle

The standard T-27 Special Application Sniper Rifle is a long-range sniper rifle which fires powerful energy blasts. Shown here is the legendary variant known as Krith’s Left Hand. Reclaimed from the notorious Kig-Yar Pirate King's personal vaults by the previous Arbiter, Ripa 'Moramee, the ‘Hand is an advanced Beam Rifle that fires a burst of energy with each pull of the trigger.

H5G REQ card Retina of the Mind's Eye.jpg

Binary Rifle[modifier]

Z-750 Binary Rifle

The standard Z-750 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that can kill in one well-aimed shot; more recently-encountered models actually fire a concentrated beam of destructive energy that when held on a target will eliminate them almost instantly. Most effective at long range. Shown here is a powerful and mysterious legacy variant called the Retina of the Mind’s Eye. The core of this ancient weapon holds a shackled mind. Improved Binary Rifle upgraded with additional magazine capacity.

H5G REQ card Boltshot.jpg


Z-110 Boltshot

Burst-fire energy pistol. Bolts home-in on close range targets. This new functionality appears to be related to other adaptations the Prometheans have displayed since the disappearance of the Didact.

H5G REQ card Carbine.jpg


T-57B Carbine

The T-57B Carbine is a versatile semi-automatic rifle renowned for its accuracy and long range. New production models use a streamlined manufacturing process and reactive materials in place of radioisotopes for coating projectiles.

H5G REQ card Ravening Sliver.jpg

Energy Sword[modifier]

T-1 Energy Weapon

The Energy Sword is a devastatingly powerful Sangheili melee weapon made of blazing plasma energy barely in check by elegant magnetic lines. The Ravening Sliver is an improved Energy Sword that can be swung more rapidly. Each of these lightweight relic blades is marked by its creator and first owner, but their legacy has long since been forgotten.

H5G REQ card Light of Urs.jpg

Fuel Rod Cannon[modifier]

T-58 Light Anti-Armor Weapon

Cheaper and more reliable than its predecessors, the Type-58 launcher uses a compact and refined class of fuel rod ammunition that is far safer to manufacture, store, and field. The war on Sanghelios has led to unprecedented advances in fuel rod technology, and the Light of Urs is an improved Fuel Rod Cannon that fires faster-moving projectiles that do more damage.

H5G REQ card Hydra.jpg


MLRS-1 Hydra Gyroc Launcher

The MLRS-1 Hydra Gyroc Launcher is a Rifle-shaped launcher firing gyroscopically stabilized rockets. Rockets require a lock-on to home in on the target.

H5G REQ card River of Light.jpg

Incineration Cannon[modifier]

Z-390 Incineration Cannon

The Z-390 Incineration Cannon fires a powerful energy charge that spreads upon impact. Shown is a variant known to Forerunner Warrior-Servants as the River of Light, an improved Incineration Cannon that will unleash a long burst of energy blasts if allowed to charge up by holding the firing trigger.

H5G REQ card LightRifle.jpg


Z-250 LightRifle

A beam weapon that excels in mid-range engagements, the LightRifle fires collimated bolts of exotic matter known as hard light, which inflict substantial kinetic damage at long ranges. This precision Forerunner rifle is used by Promethean Knights and combat constructs.

H5G REQ card Hailstorm.jpg


T-56D Guided Munitions Launcher

The Needler fires razor-sharp crystalline projectiles that display unusual homing behavior when directed at living targets. Shown is the Hailstorm variant, which owes much to a pre-Covenant weapon used during the volatile early-interstellar period of Sangheili history. The Hailstorm is an improved Needler which fires fast-moving crystal shards that exhibit strong homing behavior.

H5G REQ card White Scar.jpg

Plasma Caster[modifier]

T-53 Plasma Bolt Launcher

A refinement of earlier plasma-bolt launchers, the Type-53 Plasma Caster has found particular favor among Covenant forces engaged in the bitter civil war on Sanghelios. Plasma Casters fire powerful energy charges, making it a favorite of Covenant assault troops. Fired in semi-automatic mode, or the trigger can be held down to charge and then release multiple plasma grenades in quick succession. Shown is the White Scar variant, an advanced Plasma Caster that fires modified bolts set to proximity detonate if hipfired which have a Needler fragmentation effect.

H5G REQ card Plasma Pistol.jpg

Plasma Pistol[modifier]

T-54D Directed Energy Pistol

Almost certainly the most widely used and versatile weapon in known space, the Plasma Pistol can fire either rapid pulses of superheated plasma or an overcharged plasma bolt that can disable vehicles and overload shield generators.

H5G REQ card Railgun.jpg


Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920

The ARC-920 Railgun fires a dense tungsten projectile at hypersonic velocities to deliver massive amounts of kinetic energy to its target.

H5G REQ card Rocket Launcher.jpg

Rocket Launcher[modifier]

M57 Pilum Rocket Launcher

The M57 Pilum Rocket Launcher is a shoulder-fired heavy weapon widely issued to UNSC Army, Marine Corps, and Spartan infantry to counter enemy vehicles and Promethean Knights. Can fire two missiles per magazine and lock-on to air targets using Smart-Link before firing.

H5G REQ card SAW.jpg


M739 Light Machine Gun

The M739 LMG, or SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon), is a light machine gun capable of suppressing even heavily armored and shielded infantry targets.

H5G REQ card Didact's Signet.jpg


Z-180 Scattershot

The Z-180 Scattershot is an energy shotgun of ancient design that deals heavy damage at close range. Shown is the variant known as the Didact’s Signet. Records indicate that each Signet was crafted by the Didact himself to reward his most elite Promethean Warrior-Servants. The Signet is an advanced Scattershot that fires fast-moving, long-range projectiles with stronger homing behavior after ricochets.

H5G REQ card Blaze of Glory.jpg


M45D Tactical Shotgun

Extremely deadly at close range, the latest iteration of a staple UNSC weapon, the M45D Shotgun is a semi-automatic, pump-action 8-gauge with proven value in both desperate ship-to-ship boarding actions and urban assaults. Advanced technology married to brutal simplicity, the Blaze of Glory shown here is an advanced Shotgun with Forerunner mechanism to fire fast-moving hardlight projectiles with extra range and anti-vehicle effect. Reloads with a single shell.

H5G REQ card Nornfang.jpg

Sniper Rifle[modifier]

Sniper Rifle System 99

Originally intended to be a special purpose anti-material rifle for use against light armored vehicles, parked aircraft, and comm-dishes, the SRS99 Sniper Rifle also proven highly effective against shielded Covenant infantry. Shown is the legendary customized variant, Nornfang. A master-crafted instrument of death and destruction Nornfang is a highly-tuned Sniper Rifle firing high explosive armor piercing (APHE) rounds that increases overall damage. In addition, modifications incorporated by Spartan-II Linda-058 ensure the Motion Tracker is visible even when using Zoom.

H5G REQ card Spartan Laser.jpg

Spartan Laser[modifier]

M6/E Nonlinear Rifle

The E ("Enhanced") model M6 high-energy laser is just as capable as earlier examples, but is an order of magnitude cheaper to manufacture. Primarily used as an anti-tank laser, the M6/E fires a devastating energy pulse after a short warmup time. Most effective at long range.

H5G REQ card Storm Rifle.jpg

Storm Rifle[modifier]

T-55 Directed Energy Rifle

Fully-automatic plasma rifle effective at short to medium range. Most effective with precision aiming. Earlier iterations of the weapon were often more specialized and employed by Storm-class units within the Covenant. Eventually, the design would be honed and improved, and has subsequently almost completely replaced the Plasma Rifle as the primary infantry weapon issued to Sangheili of varying factions.

H5G REQ card Suppressor.jpg


Z-130 Suppressor

A rapid-fire energy rifle, the Suppressor was originally an integral part of the Forerunners arsenal against the Flood, but has also proved useful against human forces in the hands of reactivated Promethean constructs.

Curious collectibles[modifier]

It’s become something of a tradition in Halo games to offer fans an opportunity to wander off the beaten path and find deeper connections to the expanded lore. Typically, this has been accomplished through the Terminals. In Halo 5: Guardians however, each campaign chapter will provide a different sort of truth to hunt in the form of hidden audio logs that provide background information on events and locations surrounding the game’s story. The logs that you will find are all contextual to the location you find them in, so for example, accessing server data on the Argent Moon during the first Blue Team mission will give you context on the fate of the station, while collecting data pads scattered about Meridian will provide insight into the efforts undertaken to reclaim the glassed colony. And in true Halo fashion, there just happen to be 117 of these things to find and listen to. You know, for totally arbitrary reasons.

Stat pack[modifier]

CF - Locke & Load (H5G-Update module channel).png

As many of you may now know, the Halo Channel mobile app is now available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone! Not only that, but the talented and tireless engineers behind the scenes have been working on even more cool updates to keep the hand-held Halo experience even more up-to-date and connected with your Halo gaming experience. In addition to the recently added ability to view all your favorite blog content (ahem – like a certain weekly fiction-focused feature) on your mobile device, as well adding direct access to the official online Universe encyclopedia, the newest update to the Channel mobile app will make it the essential companion app for Halo 5: Guardians, giving you access to all the sweet stats your heart desires. Now around these parts, that means that campaign stats are also included with that, so you can now track your progress through the story, or keep a close eye on how many of those 117 aforementioned story collectibles you’ve found scattered about the game. Needless to say, if you’ve got a mobile device, you’re going to want to make a home on it for the Halo Channel.

CF - Locke & Load (H5G-Spartan custom).jpg

If accessing your stats and information on the web is more your style, the Halo Waypoint itself has got your back with a sweet array of service record offerings for your favorite Spartan, whether your own or a friend’s. In addition, Halo Waypoint also offers lore-lovers a sweet new way to access the entire REQ collection for Halo 5: Guardians, letting you see what REQ Cards you have and what ones you don’t. The most important part of that statement to regular readers of this particular blog might be the fact that this means you can now check out all the sweet narrative nuggets scattered throughout the REQ system, from peculiar power weapons to intriguing vehicle variants. Trust me, there are some hidden gems in there, and perhaps even more exciting is that we will only be adding more as time goes on. If you’ve found a particular piece of armor that strikes your fiction fancy, you can also try it out on your Spartan directly on Halo Waypoint to see how it looks, and if you’ve got it unlocked already, you can actually equip it on the web and it will show up in-game. Happy hunting!

How great thou art[modifier]

CF - Locke & Load (H5 artbook).jpg

If you are looking for a sweet and savory hardback companion to the Halo 5: Guardians experience, then you’ll definitely want to check out The Art of Halo 5: Guardians from our friends at Insight Editions. The book is FULL of absolutely gorgeous concept art from the team here at 343 Industries, and will give fans who love to pore over the universe a chance to see some of the original artistic inspirations for some of the favorite playspaces in the new game. Scattered throughout the book is also tasty tidbits on source inspirations and interesting fiction connections by key members of the development team. It something you’ll absolutely want to sit and spend some quality time with, especially if you are a fan of character and environmental iterations. Check it out!

Well folks, that will do it for this issue. When next we meet, many of you will have been gallivanting around the galaxy alongside Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris. So check your pre-orders, sync your downloads, and get set for a brand new combat drop.

Until next week… Live well, play Halo, and… I mean that’s pretty much it. PLAY HALO!


New universe articles week![modifier]

Kamchatka is a remote, uninhabited world that once served as an important link in the Forerunner knowledge network known as the Domain.

The Phantom is a large, twin-engine combat dropship used by both the Covenant and Swords of Sanghelios.

The Hydra Launcher is a multipurpose guided missile launcher characterized by its targeting speed and efficacy against both infantry and vehicles.

New section[modifier]

ONI FILES is a collection of clandestine documents gathered from obscure sources.