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We’ve got a briefer stop in the lands of lore today, taking a look at the individual stories included in the upcoming graphic novel anthology, Halo: Tales from Slipspace.

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Knight Takes Bishop[modifier]

Spartan-G059 is sent on a top-secret mission in order to eliminate a very dangerous loose end: Sangheili warlord Avu Med ‘Telcam. With the Servants of the Abiding Truth continuing to pose a volatile and unpredictable threat, it will be up to one of ONI’s top Spartan-III operatives to complete a valuable piece to a much larger puzzle.

Hunting Party[modifier]

The Silent Shadow is an elite Sangheili hunting party, made up of commandoes-turned-assassins in the wake of the Covenant empire’s collapse. Led by Resa ’Azavayl, the Silent Shadow’s next target is a powerful Jiralhanae by the name of Atriox. When they finally reach their prize, will this enigmatic Brute prove enemy… or inspiration?

Dominion Splinter[modifier]

In the wake of New Phoenix, a shattered shard of humanity’s most pivotal artificial intelligence has found its way to the shuttered gates of an ancient mystery known as the Domain.

Majestic Poker Night[modifier]

Spartan Thorne joins his fellow fireteam members for a game of Texas Hold’em, with the looted legacy of a fallen friend on the line.

On the Brink[modifier]

Stolen at six, engineered to be elite, the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team continue to fearlessly press on. Whether it’s saving the human race from an alien onslaught – or saving a colony for certain destruction – where Blue team can be called upon, they can be counted upon.

Something Has Happened[modifier]

It has been nearly six years since the sacrifice of Spirit of Fire’s slipspace drive and the destruction of Shield World 0459. While the UNSC vessel drifts slowly towards UNSC space, a terrifying vestige of their harrowing experience rears its infinitely ugly head, and heroes must be awoken to once again save the crew.


When AI constructs across UNSC space began heeding Cortana’s call, countless human lives were caught in the middle of a maelstrom they don’t even understand. The UNSC Nereid is one such story – when the mixed cargo hauler suddenly finds itself without its ship AI, the crew must discover what it truly means to survive.

Featured Universe entry[modifier]

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The youngest of Epsilon Eridani’s colonies, Tribute was known for its thriving industry until it was partially glassed by Covenant forces in 2552.

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