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Posted by Frankie at 5/5/2006 5:01 PM PDT

This is the shortest update for weeks, and that's saying something. We'll have a much bigger one next week, but today, we were just too darned busy. Enjoy the better weather and enjoy your weekend. Peace!

Hi everyone. Today's update is almost non-existent because I am swamped getting ready for a big project next week, so apologies about that.

I was helping Marty set up an AV system to test out some new surround effects. Marty is finally comfortable with the new audio features of the 360, after months of playing around with it. He actually seemed giddy when he explained that he was able to run "more than five" simultaneous 5.1 streams.

"Whuh?" I asked.

"Well," explained Marty, very patiently, "I could have the surround for sound effects, a 5.1 music soundtrack and surround for an overlaid video feed, for example," he said, with a sigh. "I don't know what we could use other 5.1 streams for really, but we will think of something."

Marty then played me a long piece of music from our next project., which actually brought a lump to my throat. And no, it wasn't vomit. And that wasn't a tear. Something flew into my eye. A mote of dust, or a tiny bug perhaps. Lump, yes. Tear? No! NEVER!


I just got this email from one of our favorite FragDolls, BrookeLyn, asking ladies of all stripes to assemble at E3 for a group photo op. There's free T-Shirts for women and girls who show up to demonstrate their female solidarity and prove once and for all, that video games are not a male prerogative. I said I would promote their estrogen-related antics. Here's the happs:

"So the Fragdolls were trying to think of some cool, fun, and exciting things to do at the biggest annual gaming expo this year, and Rhoulette came up with a great idea! She thought, why not get all the women together for a group photo to demonstrate our unity and presence? Of course we all loved that idea, because as a minority in the industry, it is important for us to keep pushing the curve and showing our presence until there is equal representation which would make the gaming world a better place. So below is an official announcement of this event, and we would love to have any female attending E3 to come join us and show your support of females in the gaming industry!

It is with great excitement that the Frag Dolls invite all females in the gaming industry to the first annual group photo of women at the Electronics Entertainment Expo this year. Females in the gaming industry have long been a minority, but this is less and less true as our community is growing, This year during E3 we will be gathering together as many industry and gamer females as possible for this event to demonstrate the significant presence of women in gaming.

When: Thursday, May 11th at 12pm Where: at the end of the tent on the WEST PLAZA Special Note: FREE T-SHIRTS! (Limited supply! first come, first served)

Despite the growing market of female gamers, the gaming industry as a whole has yet to fully recognize their needs and interests. When it comes to game content, marketing, publications, and websites, all are created largely by and for males.

It is important to say we are here and that we will continue to make an impact on the gaming industry itself, and we hope you will want to say this, too. If you would like to unite with your fellow girl gamers and women of the game industry, please show up at 12pm on Thursday, May 11th, at the end of the tent on the WEST PLAZA and don’t forget to spread the word! Please tell all the industry females you know!

Good luck with that Fraggies, and don't be surprised if you get an audience of hot (as in sweaty) dudes with bigger (man) boobs than you guys. You can read exactly the same information HERE .

We've been swamped this week, and since some of the Bungie guys are going down to E3 to check out everyone else's stuff, there's palpable sense of pre-E3 excitement. Everyone is making their guesses about what Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are gonna show. So if you're at E3, and you look closely at the crowd, you might see some familiar Bungie faces. They'll probably be playing other people's games!

I will be here at Bungie on Wednesday, checking out the E3 news on the Interweb, like everybody else. Personally speaking, I would like to see a new Otogi, or a sequel to Psychonauts. Fingers crossed like mad. Hopefully MS will show more on Gears of War and Blue Dragon too.

As for our next project, it continues apace. Lots of progress in every department, from UI to Animation to Engineering and of course, all the way back to audio. There are things to see in every department, some rough and ready and some astonishingly smooth, polished and even playable.

It's really making progress in an exciting and fascinating way. And I can't wait to share that with you properly. The level of secrecy is every bit as oppressive and confining for us as it is for you. Much, much bigger update next week. See you then!

Oh, and just because I can't stand to see a grown Wu cry, here's a last second Angsty Mister Chief.

BWU Spaghetti chief.jpg]

Update 5/8/2006:

All the comments Friday about the lack of Mister Chief made me all emo. And when I get emo I like to dress as my favorite upcoming video game character, Vaan from FFXII:

BWU Frankieff.jpg