Attack on Sanctum (Multijoueur de Halo 5 : Guardians)

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Attack on Sanctum
H5G Attack on Sanctum 01.jpg
Localisation :
Terrain :
Sanctuaire sangheili abandonné
Modes de jeu conseillés :

Attack on Sanctum est une carte de Zone de combat dans Halo 5 : Guardians. Elle fut ajoutée lors de la mise à jour Warzone Firefight, parue en juillet 2016.


Baroque stone ruins lie atop an advanced complex dating to the earliest period of Sangheili interstellar expansion. The San’Shyuum Prophets and their Ministries ruled Sanghelios for millennia, but the fortunes of the Sangheili waxed and waned long before the Covenant’s formation. In an age now forgotten this remote sanctum was a lush garden and the home of towers of glass and steel used to launch the first Sangheili interplanetary probes. But when the planet’s climate shifted and the secrets of antigravity were discovered the towers fell into disuse and eventually eroded away, forgotten in the rush to the stars. The War of Beginnings came and went before the shadow of buildings once again fell across this land, as warrior ascetics seeking a return to ancient traditions built their homes and houses of knowledge and training in what was then a desert. Now, as if a cycle was turning, their fallen temples and cloisters lie crumbling in the hot winds, and strange new structures plant themselves on the bones of the old as life blooms in the hills.




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