Mercy (Multijoueur de Halo 5 : Guardians)

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H5G-Mercy 01.jpg
Jeu, pack de cartes :
Mort et prières aux dieux.
Localisation :
Terrain :
Temple sangheili[1]

Mercy est une carte d'arène de Halo 5 : Guardians ajoutée dans la mise à jour Anvil's Legacy.[2] Il s'agit d'une réinvention de la carte Haven de Halo 4.[3]


The architects of this haven wrought miracles of stone and metal to house vesper bells, hushed scriptoriums, and oracular pools. The healing waters spun its heartspring are a boon beyond measure, enriched with nootropic compounds and microscopic sprites that cool tempestuous souls and mend even the most grievous wounds.

Sealed away by the Prophets for two millennia, the temple halls once again ring with songs of victory while Kaidons clad in traditional finery drink herb-laced droughts and consult the records archives before planning their next campaign, as they did in days long before the Covenant.[1]




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