Erik Amezcua

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Erik Amezcua est un Multiplayer Environment Artist employé par 343 Industries pour concevoir divers objets pour la campagne et le multijoueur de Halo 5 : Guardians.[1] Il a notamment travaillé sur les cartes Fathom, Escape from A.R.C. et Prospect.[2]




I built the buildings and structures that populate the vista in Fathom. The larger building is based on a rough proxy model. It's partially modular to allow for some variation and improve performance. I designed and built the smaller rectangular pods with modularity in mind as well. The front and back faces can be swapped with other pods or replaced with intermediate sections that connect a string of pods together.

Erik Amezcua décrivant son travail sur la carte Fathom.[3]


I was tasked with taking the rough gray box geometry to a nearly construction complete phase before moving on to another map. I built much of the underlying structure of the tunnel area. This includes things like the tunnel wall, entry ways and frames, walkways and floors, supports, pipes and hoses. I also created the tunnel wall's concrete material. Of course none of it would have come together if it weren't for the other talented folks on the Multiplayer Team.

Erik Amezcua décrivant son travail sur la carte Escape from A.R.C..[4]


With the Warzone map Prospect, I was responsible for the pump garage area. From rough gray box geometry, I built the area with available prefabs, tiling textures and custom geometry. My geometry is shown in white with the prefabs in dark gray. The original space from design had no obvious context so following Prospect's theme of mining and resource gathering I created the large cylindrical pump and the garage that allows access to the machinery that is housed beneath it. In addition to the pump garage, I built the spillways and worked with the other incredibly talented members of our team to optimize and fix bugs throughout the production of the map. Visually, Prospect has turned out to be one of my favorite Halo 5 maps so far, but maybe I'm just biased.

Erik Amezcua décrivant son travail sur la carte Prospect.[5]


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