Society of the Ancients

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Society of the Ancients (SOTA) est une organisation humaine fictive faisant partie de l'ARG Iris. Le site du collectif se trouvait sur l'adresse IP, révélée sur le site de Halo 3 : The Cradle of Life. Il est aujourd'hui inactif.

Créée en 1995 par David George et Aaron Elliot, la société rassemblait 510 membres en 2007, cherchant des informations relatives à l'hypothèse concernant les visiteurs extraterrestres sur la planète Terre, dénommé Anciens, et qui aurait aidé l'humanité à construire sa technologie.

Parmi les « preuves » de l'existence de ces Anciens, on trouve :

Dans le cadre d'Iris, des personnes portant des pancartes et t-shirts du SOTA et distribuant des plaquettes publicitaires se rassemblèrent dans plusieurs villes, notamment New York, Londres, San Francisco, Boston et Vancouver les 15 et 16 juin 2007. Le groupe possédait également une page MySpace avec les informations suivantes :

SOCIETY OF THE ANCIENTS, the final chapter

Society of the Ancients

Organizations - Clubs & Societies &

up this weekend
right before the wave
(remember to tell all... but not "all")

****NOTE, organization compromising posts will be removed.

Recent News

07/06/14 - major find in N.Afrcia that blows lid on all coverups, check back in for more info

the truth is surfacing, it's all becoming apparent!

Please upload pictures of forthcoming rallies & events

Intelligent alien life has visited Earth many times in the course of Human history. What's more, this alien intelligence has "helped" human development by giving us technological advancements at key points in our evolution.

More proof of the alien / human interaction can be found our website – or

Our main message- Aliens are not a myth.

There is proof (check out the website) that aliens have visited Earth many times. In fact, we owe extraterrestrial visitors a debt of thanks for the advancements they have provided our species with.

Another important thing you should keep in mind is that the Society of the Ancients is not a cult. We are not an anti-government group, crackpot religious commune or Sci-Fi readers' circle. We are intelligent, contributing members of modern society.

Our purpose is to collect and pass on information that has led our members to this unique understanding about human history and its relationship to a gracious (and technically advanced) ancient alien race.

Things to consider in relation to our Ancient brethren-

Ockham's Razor - "All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one." This theorem is at the heart of SOTA thought.

The sudden rise and fall of ancient cultures

Waves of technological awakening that comes every few hundred years

Why did certain ancient cultures falter? Inca. Mayan. Aztec. The true question is how did they rise to power and knowledge so quickly?

What, and answer truly now, can be the simplest answer to these questions? Extra terrestrial helpers!

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