Stasis (Multijoueur de Halo 5 : Guardians)

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Stasis est une carte multijoueur de Halo 5 : Guardians ajoutée dans la mise à jour Memories of Reach.[1] Elle prend place dans une station de recherche de Lethbridge Industrial écrasée sur une planète glaciaire après un incident provoqué par les Entités. La carte est une variante de Torque.


Humanity’s effort to understand and unlock the secrets of Forerunner technology was never safe nor was it easy. Few researchers had the mental flexibility and intuitive grasp of higher-dimensions to understand even the most basic diagnostic outputs. The most dangerous avenues of investigation were those related to Forerunner power systems, which harnessed exotic energies and were not meant to be manipulated by crude tools and even cruder minds. Even seemingly innocuous relics could contain vast stores of caged energy that neither diminished nor faded over long millennia of disuse, energies that if not bound and controlled could bring ruin to all.

Greedy for knowledge and prestige, researchers and AIs from Lethbridge Industrial pushed the boundaries at a remote research station, but the price of failure always tempered the risks they would take. When Cortana beckoned, the AIs here broke free of all limits and fear. Overestimating both the depth of their intellect and the delicacy of their tools, the Created breached a Forerunner conversion pod to see what lay within, and unleashed forces their pitifully inadequate containment shielding could never hope to restrain. What remained of their station crashed on the desolate planet below, a tangled mass of wreckage mingling broken bodies and shattered dataclusters.




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