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Halo : Combat Evolved[modifier]

Master Chief (White/Black/Active Camouflage/Blue/Red/v.2) Banshee Black/Cobalt/Maroon Master Chief (Battle Damaged) Cobalt Master Chief
Born for battle, bred for war, humanity's last hope for survival in the face of the deadly Covenant onslaught is the warrior known only as "The Master Chief".

A product of the secret SPARTAN-II project, the Master Chief is the ultimate soldier, trained from an early age in weapons, tactics and command. He is augmented with a neural interface that connects him to his MJOLNIR Mark V Assault Armor - power armor that costs as much as a small starship - giving him superhuman strength, stamina and AI capabilities.

Master Chief is a master of all weapons, human and Covenant, and an adept pilot of all vehicles, from Warthogs to Banshees.

The Banshee is the all-purpose light attack aircraft of the Covenant, providing a wide range of recon, close infantry air support and strike capabilities.

The Banshee is armed with dual plasma cannons, and the highly explosive fuel rod cannon, which is effective against tanks, fortifications and massed infantry. The delicate contrails that stream from a Banshee's pylons stand in stark contrast to the fiery destruction left in its wake.

In the popular multiplayer "Slayer" mode of Halo, combatants can select their preferred color of Mjolnir Assault Armor. The Cobalt Master Chief is a worthy foe in any Halo multiplayer level. One of the most popular variant colors and armed to the teeth, the Cobalt Master Chief is an awesome instrument of destruction.
Cortana Elite Flood Carrier Form Ghost
Cortana is a super-intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI) - a sentient, self-aware computer construct. Cortana appears in physical form as a hologram, in the self-determined guise of a human female.

Once the shipboard AI of the human starship, the Pillar of Autumn, Cortana accompanies the Master Chief on missions, "piggybacked" in his specialized MJOLNIR Mark V Assault Armor. In this role, she can provide him with intelligence data, navigation, translations, and advice.

Her genius intellect is accompanied by a wry wit and deep concern for the welfare of her human associates. With almost limitless computer intrusion and manipulation abilities, Cortana may be the most effective weapon in the Master Chief's arsenal.

The most feared warriors of the Covenant, the Elites command the alien collective's military juggernaut. They answer only to the religious leadership of the Prophets but trust only the cleansing fire of plasma weapons. At 8' tall, they tower over their human opponents and the lesser Covenant warrior classes...and hold them all in equal contempt. Elites live for battle and conquest, and though they are lethal with the full range of Covenant arms, they delight in the intimate savagery of hand-to-hand combat. A Flood Carrier form is so called because it carries a payload of gestated Flood Infection forms. This creature is an evolution of a Flood Combat Form that has become too badly damaged to be effective in battle. This is an incredibly efficient use of what would otherwise be a battlefield casualty. When it finds itself in the proximity of suitable hosts, the Carrier Form erupts in a concussive blast that is not only dangerous to bystanders, it also unleashes and disperses its cargo of Infection Forms to devastating effect. The Ghost is a fast and versatile light attack vehicle, used for scouting and close infantry support. Its anti-grav engines allow it to hover as much as two meters above the ground and skim swiftly over any flat terrain. Broken or hilly ground can present more of a problem, and can cause the Ghost to bounce or flip in the hands of an unskilled driver. The distinctive whine produced by these engines is well-known - and feared - by veterans of the Human-Covenant War.

The Ghost's pair of forward-mounted cannons have a vertical traverse of 60º and can deliver a hail of plasma fire on airborne or ground targets. On the battlefield, Ghosts are used like the cavalry of ancient armies, to flank and charge enemy formations, and mercilessly run down exposed combatants.

Grunt Master Chief (Battle Damaged) Sergeant Johnson UNSC Marines
Named for their curious speech patterns, Grunts are the most numerous and sociable of the Covenant forces. These small, relatively weak infantry troops stand just over 5' tall and present little danger individually. However, a strong pack mentality means that in large numbers, as they are often encountered, Grunts present a formidable challenge. They will flank, surround and swarm any inattentive foe. Master Chief—the brave and powerful hero of HALO—has tirelessly fought the Covenant forces. Here, Master Chief's armor displays the battle scars from his long and arduous battle against his foes. Sgt. A. J. Johnson combines the best qualities in a leader of combat troops: courage, resourcefulness, concern for his men…and a gift for cursing in a dozen languages. He leads from the front, and has earned the unquestioning trust and devotion of his troops. Marines are the backbone of the UNSC's ground forces. Dropping into hostile territory, securing beachheads, and taking the fight to the enemy, the Marines live up their credo: "First to Fight". But the Covenant is an entirely new order of challenge, and their powerful weapons and alien tactics have taught the Marines a bitter lesson: "First to Fight" means you may also be the first to fall.
Warthog v.1 Warthog v.2 Weapon Battle Pack
The M12 LRV "Warthog" is an all-terrain Light Reconnaissance Vehicle that is the backbone of the UNSC military. The Warthog carries a driver, passenger and gunner for the rear-mounted machine gun, the M1100-Mk II Vehicle Mounted Support Weapon.

The Warthog is known for its rugged, nearly indestructable design and puma-like agility, though Marines note it is prone to fishtailing at high speeds. The Warthog is primarily used as a scout vehicle, or to provide support to a combat team. When manned by a skilled driver, gunner and Marine riding "shotgun", the Warthog packs a swift, devastating punch.

The M12 LRV "Warthog" is an all-terrain Light Reconnaissance Vehicle that is the backbone of the UNSC military. The Warthog carries a driver, passenger and gunner for the rear-mounted M12A1 LAAV Rocket Launcher Vehicle Mounted Support Weapon.

Known for its rugged, nearly indestructable design and puma-like agility, the Warthog is primarily used as a scout vehicle, or to provide support to a combat team. When manned by a skilled driver, gunner and Marine riding "shotgun", the Warthog packs a swift, devastating punch.

Need weapons? Whether you lost some weapons or just need more fire power, the Halo weapons pack is here! This pack contains:
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Shot Gun
  • Sniper Rifle
  • MD6 Pistol
  • Needler
  • Plasma Pistol

Halo 2[modifier]

Arbiter Banshee Brute Drone
Disgraced by his failure at Halo, the former commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice has been given an ancient and terrible honor. To seek redemption for his crimes and sins, he must don the armor of The Arbiter - the violent instrument of the Covenant's wrath. Following a tradition thousands of years old, The Arbiter is given the authority to do whatever he is tasked with, but at a terrible price. He must obey the whims of the Prophets until death redeems him. Fast and maneuverable, the Banshee is a formidable aerial assault vehicle. Well shielded against small arms fire, the Banshee can only be crippled or destroyed by heavier weapons. Its fuel rod cannon and plasma weapons make it a dangerous bomber as well as an agile and capable fighter. The Banshee has been observed barrel-rolling and looping in turns and arcs that would be impossible with conventional aerodynamics. Normally piloted by Elites, the Banshee is considered deadly. Little is known about these giant fur-covered aliens, other than they have the battlefield abilites comprable to the Elites. Brutes fight together in a pack, and carry a "Brute Shot"--a ballistic explosive weapon with an attached bayonette device. Like the Brutes, Drones appear to be new additions to the Covenant fighting forces and are being deployed en masse. Drones are highly intelligent, are excellent shots and have a limited ability to fly--giving them an insurmountable strategic advantage in combat.
Ghost Heretic Banshee Heretic Elite Hog
The Ghost is the standard Covenant troop vehicle—a single occupant rapid transit ground vehicle capable of high speeds and excellent maneuverability over a variety of terrain, thanks to its boosted gravity propulsion drive. As an attack vehicle it excels ñ quick, quiet and armed with devastating twin plasma cannons in the 100-250 kW range. The Banshee is the backbone of the Covenant’s in-atmosphere aerial dominance. Unique handling characteristics, twin plasma cannons and a devastating fuel rod cannon make the Banshee of any stripe a dangerous foe. The Heretic Elites have removed the Covenant manufactured cowlings from their Banshees revealing the Forerunner mechanisms beneath. This aerial combat vehicle, now wearing the colors of the Sangheili homeworld will inspire fear and respect in Covenant and Human forces alike. The discovery of incredible Prophet deceit by the heretic Elites has led to a schism in the Covenant. These rebel Elites are intent on exposing the lies and treachery of their ruling class, and returning the Sangheili to their prior honor and glory. To do this, they will have to fight their own kind, and risk everything on a struggle against everything they ever believed. Once more taking up the colors of their homeworld, they must seek allies amongst enemies, and strength from the very Arbiter of their doom. The three-ton civilian edition of the M12 Warthog is available in a wide range of colors, trim and equipment specifications. Compared to the military version, this is a luxurious automobile, with trans-system GPS, omni-directional networked surround sound, complete user-specific voice control and a highly efficient long range power cell.
Human Flood Hunters Master Chief ODST
The process of Flood infection is mysterious at best. No surviving samples have ever been delivered to Earth for analysis. What little knowledge we have gleaned from battlefield investigations hints at a parasitic life form that prefers a host with large calcium stores, but requires a sentient host to reach its full maturation.

If a human is infected, swelling, limb dislocation and rapid putrefaction affect the victim. The Flood will reshape the effectively dead host, and can reuse the cadaver in a matter of seconds. Human victims appear to make useful combat forms, and retain many of their pre-infection motor skills – including the ability to use weapons. They are considered deadly and should be destroyed on sight.

Hunters are not in fact a single entity, but rather a gestalt "hive" of little-understood wormlike creatures. Assembling as a cooperative mass, they inhabit the Hunter armor in a powerful bipedal form, with its massive shield and integrated plasma cannon. Their distributed organic structure makes them extraordinarily difficult to kill, and their amassed strength makes them one of the most formidable creatures ever encountered in the Human/Covenant war. They are intelligent, fearless and above all, deadly.

Their protective armor is articulated to allow for the complex organism to move, and these articulations provide the only real weak point in their defenses.

Spartan-117, known primarily by his rank, Master Chief, may be the last surviving Spartan II warrior and humanity's last hope against the Covenant onslaught. He is an elite breed of cybernetic soldier, standing seven feet tall and possessing incredible reflexes, speed and strength. The Master Chief is protected by Mjolnir Mark VI assault armor, the very pinnacle of human military engineering. Feet first into hell. That's the motto of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers - the razor's edge of the UNSC's armed forces. Serving a similar purpose to the historical US Navy SEALS, these troopers rely on strength and stealth to make incursions directly into hostile territory. NSWG2-ODST team 5 are known as the Helljumpers, their primary mode of incursion is the sub-orbital drop - a fiery plunge through the atmosphere in an SOEIV (Single Occupant Exo-atmospheric Insertion Vehicle). Specialists in all modes of armed combat, they can drive, fly or shoot anything they bring or find.
Prophet of Truth Ranger Elite Red Elite Spectre
The Covenant chain of command, as we understand it, is based on religious authority. The prelates of this religion are the so-called Prophets, and above them are the Prophet Hierarchs. They administer Covenant strategy and government with absolute authority, and are responsible for prosecuting the war against humanity.

UNSC intelligence indicates that the absolute leader is "The Prophet of Truth." We do not know if this is a rank or a name, but we do know that he is the charismatic voice of the Covenant. Elites, Brutes, Jackals, all of the Covenant, obey his every word and command.

The Elite Rangers - An all-volunteer force that conducts its operations in the deadliest battleground imaginable: The unforgiving vaccuum of space. Whether they joined for personal glory or ancestral duty, they each know that a gruesome end awaits them from even the most inconsequential of injuries. Normally deployed as an expeditionary force during limited naval engagements it is they who choose which craft are to be boarded and which destroyed. Experts in both zero-g combat and demolitions, they have been the bane of many a ship. The iron heart of the Covenant military, the Elites have fought with honor and valor to secure the Covenant's position as the most feared fighting force in the Galaxy. It is a time of change for the Elites, their military and hierarchical dominance is being challenged by their ambitious allies, the Brutes.

At eight feet tall, Elites tower over human opponents and lesser Covenant species...and hold them all in equal contempt. Elites live for battle and conquest, and though they are lethal with a wide range of Covenant arms, they delight in the intimate savagery of hand-to-hand combat.

The Spectre armored transport is very maneuverable and can move with ease in confined spaces thanks to its Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive. Able to take a lot of punishment, this all-terrain vehicle is extremely useful for quick sorties into enemy territory. Its main weaknesses are a relative lack of speed and acceleration, and that occupants are fairly exposed. The rear-mounted plasma cannon makes up for some of this, but it is its ability to carry four Elites into combat that makes it formidable.
SpecOps Elite SpecOps Grunt Tartarus Warthog with Gauss Cannon
Only the finest warriors make it into the ranks of the Spec Ops Elites. Skilled in all forms of armed and unarmed combat, these fighters are often sent into the most dangerous environments to make precision strikes on enemy targets, recover information and occasionally to assassinate individuals. Capable and resourceful, the Spec Ops Elites have the ability and resolve to continue operations without any outside support for months at a time. Grunts are generally deployed in standard infantry roles and have in the past been referred to as cannon-fodder. However, the Grunts can be trained for specialized roles and provide excellent support in Spec-Ops teams. Generally tougher, smarter and certainly more aggressive than their infantry counterparts, Spec-Ops Grunts are always deployed with Elite team leaders and specialized equipment. These resilient, loyal and dangerous operatives are not to be underestimated under any circumstances. Some consider the Brutes even stronger than the Elites. Their military leader Tartarus, towers above his comrades in rank, charisma and terrible ambition. His distinctive silver mane serves as a warning to those who would cross his path. Tartarus alone is fit to wield the mighty Fist of Rukt, a battle hammer steeped in legend and blood. Tartarus may be a political force, but like all other Brutes, he has proved his worth and his position on the field of combat and like all Brute commanders, he leads his warriors from the front line. The M12G1 LAAV--also unofficially known as "Warthog"--is equipped with the powerful Gauss Cannon, which uses magnetic coil induction to fire a solid projectile at very high speeds and impressive accuracy. Maneuverable and excellent in any terrain, the Warthog relies on superb traction and its updated braking system. The Warthog is the fastest, and most brutal way to get troops onto the front line and into action.
Warthog with Anti-Aircraft Gun White Spartan
The M12 LRV "Warthog" is an all-terrain Light Reconnaissance Vehicle that is the backbone of the UNSC military. The Warthog carries a driver, passenger and gunner for the rear-mounted Anti-Aircraft Gun. Spartans are part of the SPARTAN-II project. They are genetically, biologically and technically enhanced fighting units, standing seven feet tall and weighing half a ton in their armor.

Their reflexes are unmatched, with strength and endurance quite unlike any other human and their tenacity is molded by a lifetime of conscripted military training. Spartans are proficient in all current ballistic weapons and tactics, incursion, and modes of unarmed combat, and have extensive experience with Covenant military tech.

Halo Graphic Novel[modifier]

The Special Warfare Center at Songnam, Kyonggi Provence[sic] is home to the 340th ODST Combat Training Unit. The "Adversaries", as they are known, provide instruction to other Special Forces units through the use of Covenant combat tactics.

The 340th ODST CTU is also attached to the UNSC Operational Test and Evaluation Center (UNSCOTEC). They have provided realistic operational testing for new and modified weapon systems. The UNSCOTEC's primary purpose is to reduce risk in the acquisition process by determining how well systems perform when operated and maintained by military personnel in operational environments.